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Evolution of the Grunion

The first known rendering of a potential logo or artwork for Grunion Memorabilia. It has been carbon dated to 1979 and although it seems innocent enough a fire storm of controversy engulfed the young Grunions as a result of this creation. The most controversial element seemed to be the tight fit on the Grunion's Rugby shorts. A certain homophobic fringe of the club objected to the bun-hugging style which they felt was further exacerbated by the pointing or "twinkle toed" posture of the Grunion. There are no surviving garments with this particular artwork. The SBV at the top refers to the fact that the club embodied Ventura as well as Santa Barbara.


We move to the Art Nouveau Period of Grunion Art common to the early eighties. Again the recurring theme of male in virility crisis is in evidence. Note the pathetic and anthropomorpic females (mermaids) reaching from the depths to embrace the Godlike "Merman". Positive elements are the sleek lines of the Merman and avoiding the tight shorts issue by deleting shorts altogether.


The Merman of the late nineties has evolved to the extent that psychologically he is more comfortable with himself. He has accepted who he is and no longer reflects an arrogant posture. His chest has deflated some with age (after all, he's twenty now). He no longer requires female validation to maintain his self esteem yet he appears vital and assertive.

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